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Miss Kitty

Kitty, unfortuntely, does not have the best udder. I am too embarrassed to show it. We got her from a neighbor and we have a feeling that she has really bad mastitis at one time and it cleared up and that's why her udder is like that. Her back and front attachment is ok, but her side attachment could be a little tighter. She is consistenly giving nearly a gallon and a half a day, and she freshened in April '06 with only a single buck(and he wasn't that big). She is very sweet towards people and loves to have her ears rubbed. She is also polled. We have decided that we will probably never breed her again, we will just keep milking her.

Here is her story and how minerals and a little TLC can go a long way:

We bought Kitty in early May of 2006. We had aquired her buck kid a month earlier from a friend who tried to draft him on to one of her does but couldn't. So we took him and bottlefed him. After about 2 weeks of having him, the owner of the buck's mother called us. He said that he had the Alpine doe that was his mom for sale. He wanted to get rid of her as she kills her kids(we found out that she gets really hyper and starts kicking when she is tight and wants to be milked) So we thought we'd give this doe a chance. She did have a bad udder, but we thought that we would use her as the family milker for us. We brought her home and she was incredibly mineral deficient. Here is a picture of what she looked like about a week after getting here:


When we first got Kitty, we immediatly put her on good minerals(Mary Kellogg's MaxiMin Minerals) wormed her, and started giving her copper drenches. After two months, she showed significant improvements. Her hair was starting to grow back black, but she still had the brown hair and was still very wild. After five months, she had a 360 degree turnaround. She went from a red brown belly to a jet black belly, and the front part of her turned from white to off-white. Her hooves are still a little out of shape, but that will take time and proper trimming. Check out these pics:


She was very wild all the time, and she settled down and turned into a very sweet doe. She is still a little anxious at milking time, but I can understand that. When we first got her, she gave us a quart a day of yellow pee water like milk(that's the only way I could explain it) and now, she is consistenly giving us 11-12 lbs a day! When we tried to dry her off, she just gave us more. Just goes to show you that you can go a long way with minerals and TLC :)